Lynn Maalouf Photobooks

Lynn Maalouf

Perpetuate the Memories

“Do you remember a time when you'd cuddle around a photo album with loved ones, flip pages and share memories?

More than the photos themselves, these My Easy Prints albums helped recreate such special moments...

Our trip to South Africa was memorable in so many different ways, and having these albums are a great way to perpetuate the memories and share them with our friends and family. Snapchat, facebook and instagram don't come anywhere near the quality moment of flipping the pages through a journey from beginning to end...

Thank you My Easy Prints for making this a personal affair!”

Maria Debahy Photobooks

Maria Debahy

Souvenirs that are Eternal

“I enjoy looking at the albums I ordered over and over again, they make me smile with every page I turn! :)

I am constantly gathering more pictures for the next ones!

Fantastic work! Beautiful design, excellent quality and a very professional team!

Thank you for making our souvenirs eternal!”


Yasmina Asseily

A Labor of Love

“When I gave my project of creating a photo book for my mother’s birthday over to the team at My Easy Prints, I never imagined I would be getting the level of service, attention and professionalism that I got. They worked so efficiently, were very quick to grasp exactly what I was looking for, and accompanied me every step of the way with tremendous care and professionalism when I was hesitating on design options or layouts. They made me feel like they cared as much about this project as I did-to such a point that I insisted they put themselves in the book so that my mother could meet them once she gets the surprise! I cannot recommend enough this energetic, dynamic team, with whom I plan on doing many, many more projects!”

Irina ens photo prints

Irina Ens

A Smile On Their Faces

“We had this idea to take professional pictures of kids who are not able to afford this by themselves or their families.

You should have seen the children’s eyes when we handed them out their pictures.

Some of them even didn’t want to take the picture because they couldn’t believe it was them. Others smiled and were really proud. One of the kids told us that he had never seen himself on a printed picture before.

Thank you so much for offering us the pictures and helping us to put a smile on these children’s faces!”