Twinkles and emotions for Christmas

Myriam made her family’s 2014 Christmas eve the most unforgettable one when she offered each member a gift that brought tears to their eyes.

The whole family gathered for over an hour looking through the pages of their respective large photo books entitled “Si ma famille m’était contée” (If I were told my family’s story)

Myriam's Christmas photobook

Since the summer, Myriam had an idea that would bring happiness to her loved ones: collecting the family’s photographic memories to give life back to their past and ‘tell’ the story of the family.

Unbeknown to her parents, sisters, uncles and cousins, Myriam started looking through drawers, photo albums and old shoe boxes to find images dating back to the 1940s. She also took advantage from a trip to Europe to gather more “forgotten memories”. She looked in every inch of every house and apartment to make sure that every milestone of every family member is featured and retold. “The most intricate part of the job was to gather all these photos and their information,” Myriam says. She has contacted My Easy Prints to digitalise over 700 photos, which would be put with more recent photos to recreate the family story.

Myriam's Christmas photobook

“The team at My Easy Prints was full of advice and creative ideas as for the right methodology to follow,” she added. “They have guided me through their photo book creator software, have recommended that I divide the book into chapters segmenting the different periods of time, and the different family branches. They finally suggested a beautiful selection of papers to render the end product.”

11 months later, the photo book is still the family’s favorite coffee table book, and Myriam will soon give birth to a new family member, who, not in a long time, will be able to discover and read about her family’s story, and add a few pages to the next edition of the book!

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