A 50th Birthday Present to Remember

When Alfred celebrated his 50th birthday this summer, the last present he expected was a complete box-set of beautifully designed, hard-cover digital photo albums telling the story of his life for the past 50 years.

Unbeknown to Alfred, his wife June had decided to celebrate this milestone with a unique, personal gift, something that would be a very emotional and timeless record of Alfred’s life and special moments. June secretly gathered together all the family albums containing almost every photo taken over a 50-year period. By the time June had finished, she had in her possession over 3000 old and newer photos. She turned to the team at MyEasyPrints after being recommended by friends who were already customers and asked for their co-operation to turn the 3000+ photos into a modern set of digital photo books that would last a lifetime, serve as a testimony to her family life and become a family memento for future generations.

MyEasyPrints set about scanning around 2000 photos to turn them into digital versions that, collectively, would be used to build each photo book representing an event of Alfred’s life. MyEasyPrints used their bespoke book building software to flow the images onto the digital pages and create a 16 issues series as if it could be bought off the shelf. They then printed and finished the books with personalized hard covers highlighting the major milestones of his life, completed by “soon to come” teasers for the next 50 years.

Alfred's 50 years book set

‘I have never seen Alfred so lost for words’ said June “he was truly overwhelmed and so very appreciative of such a great gift. That we had gone to such great lengths to produce something so beautiful and memorable meant an awful lot to him.’

Tania Arwachan, co-owner of MyEasyPrints commented ‘This project was a labour of love for us. We could totally understand what this meant to June and were determined to do a great job, taking massive care with the original photos and spending time making sure the book design and flow of images worked together to tell Alfred’s unique story. I think everyone was pleased with the finished result.’

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