Frequently asked questions


What are Photo Books?

Photo Books are the new way of displaying your pictures in a bound photo album, easy to create on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. Photo Books are different to traditional photo albums in the way that pictures are directly printed to the pages.

No more need to purchase a blank album, print pictures and glue them to the pages. As a result, your album will be much slimmer and easier to handle. You can either choose from a rich panel of pre-selected styles and templates and have an entire photo album in a couple of clicks, or design each page exactly as you'd like it, resizing the pictures, adding text, background, and colors, resulting in an album that lets you tell your own story in your own unique way.

When to create a Photo Book?

There’s a Photo Book for every occasion: during holidays, celebrations such as weddings or childbirth, or any important event in your life. You may even want to offer a Photo Book to a friend or relative, or give him the chance to create his own with our gift vouchers.

If you have any old pictures, and wish to transfer them to a Photo Book, we do offer scanning services. You can always contact us for more information.

How to create a Photo Book?

It’s easy! First choose your photo book template. Everything is done on the website itself. You import your pictures, customize your Photo Book, and finally order it to production by the simple click of a button. Your Photo Book will then be delivered to you at the place of your convenience.


How big can a Photo Book be?

Our photo books start at 28 pages, but you can always add additional pages. Pages are added by sets of 4. The maximum number of pages is 120 pages.


Can I see some print samples of your products?

Our representative will be glad to help you, please contact us.


How can I use my printed photographs to a digital Photo Book?

We have exactly what you need. Our very high-resolution scanner and our image retouching expertise are your best solution to digitize your old photos and transfer them to your photo book. We also provide archiving services. Please contact us to see how we can help you.


Do Photo Books require special care or maintenance?

The most effective way to ensure your albums’ longevity is to store them away from food and liquids, direct sunlight, and far from high or low temperatures and humid areas.


How to pay for a Photo Book?

You have multiple payment options at your disposal to better suit your needs:

1- By cash at Cash United/Moneygram 
2- By cash at My Easy Prints
3- By Prepaid Card or Voucher

Do I get discounts on quantities?

Benefit from automatic discounts when you order large quantities:
- When you order 5 to 10 copies of the same Photo Book, benefit from a discount of 10%
- When you order 11 to 15 copies of the same Photo Book, benefit from a discount of 15%
- When you order 16 to 20 copies of the same Photo Book, benefit from a discount of 20%
- When you order 21 to 25 copies of the same Photo Book, benefit from a discount of 25%
- When you order 26 to 30 copies of the same Photo Book, benefit from a discount of 27.5%
- When you order 31 to 50 copies of the same Photo Book, benefit from a discount of 30%
For orders which exceed 50 copies of the same Photo Book, we will offer you a personalized quote.

Do you intervene on my files?

We do not intervene on the content of your photoproduct. Everything is kept “as is”. We very strongly encourage you to be sure of your content before submitting a Photo Book to be printed. However, if we notice a major flaw in the design we will contact you for instructions.


Can I cancel my order?

Once you complete the payment procedure, your order is automatically taken into production. It may not be possible to cancel your order at this point.


How long does it take to receive a Photo Book?

It usually takes 5 to 10 working days after submission and payment of the order. Your product can be delivered to the place of your convenience.

What to do if the received product is faulty or has a mistake?

We devote ourselves to providing you with the best quality products and transportation services available. If there is an error that is not in your project file, please contact us so we can investigate the issue and find a satisfactory solution.

Can myeasyprints.com use my pictures?

Never! We will never share the content of your Photo Books with any third party. We do not own your work, and we will delete your printed files from our database after 2 months. Upon request, we can store your project in our archives.