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Be the creator of your own Photo Book thanks to our free user-friendly software!
You’re only a couple of clicks away from making your personalised albums: you can choose from a rich panel of pre-selected styles, templates, and sizes, or design each page yourself. Paste your pictures in weddings, holiday scenes, trips, pamphlets, and many more…

Tips before you start

Photo selection and storage
Before you start working on your photo book, we strongly suggest that you create a folder on your computer’s hard drive in which you will copy all the images that you may use. The software creates links to the images without embedding, which means that the path to the images should not be broken.
If your images saved on USB on external drive, you will need to always make sure your device is plugged so that the software can source the images. Once your image selection is final, avoid renaming images or relocating them, which will prevent the software from finding the path to the images.

How many photos should you have in my project?
There is no rule as to how many photos you should use in a project. You can select as little as 28 images and have them laid out at large scales on your page, or go up to 400 images to combine larger and smaller images on your spreads. Additional pages can be added to the standard 28 pages in your photobook so that you can include more photos.


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Calendars application for Windows